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“I was looking to shape up before my wedding and have gone down a dress size in 9 weeks of training………If you’re looking for a fitness trainer online, Rob comes highly recommended. Give him a go!”*

Ali Daly

“I had hit a plateau on my own and Rob helped me understand what changes I needed to make to my training and diet, to get me back on track to achieve the results I wanted. If you follow his advice, you’ll see incredible results in your body and mental well-being” *

Craig Brown

Could not ask for a better personal trainer, keeps me motivated, losing weight by the week……
If you are looking for a personal trainer i would recommend Rob without a doubt!”  *              

Jordan Enderwick

Rob was in the UK and I was in India but that did not dither Rob from continuously following up with me on how was I doing and if I had any additional questions. The workout schedule provided by him was excellent. It was tailored for my body type and the fitness stage……what stood out for me were the personalized videos that he used to put up for me. It shows his commitment to the success of the training program.

Aman G. India

Online Personal Trainer: More than a fitness app

Getting started takes less than 5 minutes.

Make the most of a certified online personal trainer, with loads of experience to guide you personally

Get trained by Rob, your coach, with years of experience in body sculpting, endurance, strength training, body building and nutrition. Take your motivation to the next level.*

online personal trainer

Building Muscle Mass

Are you getting the gains you want?

After your commitment, the correct bodybuilding programme and nutrition plan is the next most important thing for gaining muscle.*

I have the most effective, proven programmes waiting for you.*

online personal trainer

Let me create a better lifestyle for you

Life changing essentials to your training and diet, to make you feel happier, healthier and stronger.*

online personal trainer

Powerful tools to help you succeed

Finally, take the guesswork out of your training and monitoring. Using an online personal trainer will enable you to train in the best way possible for your body type, your schedule and your lifestyle.*

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* success rates will vary from person to person. Not all bodies react the same way to exercise.

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